My name is Celina and I am the founder of vaye women.

My vision with vaye is to offer fast fashion in a more climate-friendly way. I'm allergic to plastic waste in the oceans, so I have made it my mission to make a difference! Please choose vaye and you can help make a difference too.

With vaye, I also want to inspire women to dare empower other women. I want to inspire female entrepreneurship and dream chasers. I want you to feel good in your bodies, and spread self love and inspire others to love themselves too. I want to buy my clothes from brands that are runned by women, and owned by women. Join my cause, skip the other giants (you wouldn't believe their plastic waist!!), and shop your clothes at vaye to make a change <3

Legal information

559113-9257 / VAT SE559113-925701



We recently had to change brand name from HOLLY to VAYE because of a new praxis regarding trademark laws. Unfortunate - but it can happen. So now - our name is vaye! Hope you like it :)

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X, Celina